The Bond Phone has arrived – Xperia T preview.

So, Sony has finally bestowed upon us the mighty Xperia T – its a beautifully crafted design, matched to Super-spy specs, from the stunning HD Display, to the 1080p capable, 13 MegaPixel Exmor R camera – the Xperia T from Sony truly is ‘The Utimate HD Smartphone’.

However, the Xperia T isn’t just all about the specifications, its design echoes the same arc inspired lines as the Xperia arc and arc S before it (While running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with a promised update to Jelly Bean) – while the UXP Overlay from Sony keeps everything looking clean and crisp.  Watching videos is quickly taken care of on the 720p 4.6” touchscreen with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine, while the 1.5GHz Dual-core Krait processor keeps things moving along smoothly (The Xperia T comes with 16GB memory onboard, plus a microSD slot for expansion) – lets not forget that the Xperia T is a PlayStation® Certified smartphone, meaning gaming on this device is a real premium experience.

From an audio perspective, Sony have it nailed – they have introduced the ‘WALKMAN’ app, which aims to deliver the highest quality sound in the business – coming from the creators of the original ‘Walkman’ – Xperia T may just have what it takes.  The Xperia T features xLoud, a proprietary Sony Audio loudness enhancer, which can boost loudspeaker performance, without distortion, and to top it all off, Xperia T is HD Voice certified.  This means that you can talk normally and be heard clearly, without having to raise your voice, even in noisy environments – and this s something that truly has to be heard!

Other features such as NFC make their way into everyday usage through Sony’s ‘One-Touch’ sharing technology – an excellent way to share not only content, but also a superb way to link your wireless devices effortlessly.

Sony are also currently offering the Xperia range with the added benefit of a 60 Day FREE Trial of Music Unlimited – Sony’s answer to iTunes, and Spotify.  Its a superb service, with an excellent catalog of music (expected, considering Sony have their own record label in Sony Music).

So, have Sony finally introduced a device capable of running with the big competitors, or is this simply a case of Mission Failed?

Well, its only fair to say that considering independent benchmarking tests have seen the Xperia T outrun its closest rivals*, this is mission,  is very much a success.


*Business forum, 2011.  Xperia T Gets benchmarked, proves its a worthy flagship. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 17 October 2012].


Sony sends in Bond and Xperia to interrupt your ‘X Factor’ viewing.

In a move to quickly spread the word about its new Xperia T Smartphone, Sony is launching a new 007 inspired commercial, which sees the main protagonist (clearly meant to be Bond) on a mission, driving a speedboat, car and climbing over buildings – all to get to his new Sony Xperia T Smartphone.

The commercial features 007’s famed Aston Martin Vantage V12 and a Frauscher speedboat.

See the new commercial at;

‘Skyfall’ will launch on 26 October, 2012.

Sony Xperia handsets outselling BlackBerry and Nokia in Europe

The good news hits for the Japanese powerhouse, as they make up for lost time by rapidly catching up RIM and former leader Nokia.

From Kantar Worldpanel;

‘After joining the European smartphone market late Sony is making up for lost time with its Xperia series, outselling both BlackBerry and Nokia as a result of strong performances in Spain, Germany and France.’

This is due in no small part to the excellent feature set, build quality and brand power that Sony heralds, along with the superb reliability.  Since the split from Ericsson, Sony has seen the release of handsets such as Xperia S, P and U from the Xperia NXT series, and the recently introduced Xperia T, as used by Daniel Craig in 007’s latest Silver screen adventure, Skyfall – set for release in November 2012.

So, has Sony finally rid itself of the hubris and insularity which left it reeling, haemorrhaging money from all angles?

The answer, is yet to reveal itself, however – this may just be the beginning of a revival at the sprawling Japanese conglomerate…

Perhaps the ‘pure’ Sony devices (minus the liquid identity) we’ll be bound to see at MWC and CES next year will be the rebirth of Sony.