Sony Xperia handsets outselling BlackBerry and Nokia in Europe

The good news hits for the Japanese powerhouse, as they make up for lost time by rapidly catching up RIM and former leader Nokia.

From Kantar Worldpanel;

‘After joining the European smartphone market late Sony is making up for lost time with its Xperia series, outselling both BlackBerry and Nokia as a result of strong performances in Spain, Germany and France.’

This is due in no small part to the excellent feature set, build quality and brand power that Sony heralds, along with the superb reliability.  Since the split from Ericsson, Sony has seen the release of handsets such as Xperia S, P and U from the Xperia NXT series, and the recently introduced Xperia T, as used by Daniel Craig in 007’s latest Silver screen adventure, Skyfall – set for release in November 2012.

So, has Sony finally rid itself of the hubris and insularity which left it reeling, haemorrhaging money from all angles?

The answer, is yet to reveal itself, however – this may just be the beginning of a revival at the sprawling Japanese conglomerate…

Perhaps the ‘pure’ Sony devices (minus the liquid identity) we’ll be bound to see at MWC and CES next year will be the rebirth of Sony.   


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